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Transmission Services

Transmission Services in Melbourne, FL

Richmond Transmission & Automotive Service is proud to serve drivers and other automotive shop owners as a one stop shop for ALL transmission needs, both manual and automatic.

From building and rebuilding your vehicle’s transmission to performing regular transmission maintenance services, we have the right tools and know how to attend to the transmission needs of motorists and auto shops in Melbourne, FL, Merritt Island , FL, Palm Bay, FL, and surrounding areas.

We handle transmission services for performance vehicles, fleets, diesel engines, and transmission conversions.

Richmond Transmission & Automotive Service Specializes in Transmissions

We provide an extensive amount of automatic and manual transmission services and take pride in our understanding of all things involving your car or truck’s transmission. In detail, our services include:

  • Transmission Building: Need a new transmission for your vehicle? Want to carry transmissions in your shop? We know transmissions so well, we build them ourselves.
  • Transmission Rebuilding: You don’t necessarily need to buy a new transmission or completely replace the one you use now. We can provide you with a rebuilt transmission, replacing only the parts of your transmission that are completely worn and unsafe while saving you money.
  • Transmission Maintenance: We can inspect your transmission and verify that all parts are working correctly. We can also check your transmission fluid and clean your transmission to help ensure it performs right for you.
  • Transmission Repair: If you’re having trouble shifting gears, smell something burning, or suspect there is something wrong with your transmission, bring it in to us. If your transmission can be saved, we’re the team to do it. Check out our transmission repair service.
  • Transmission Replacement: When you need your transmission completely replaced, we’re available and equipped with the right tools to do it. We can provide you with a remanufactured transmission, rebuild your transmission, or build a new transmission from scratch. We can also convert your transmission from 2WD to 4WD.

Expect the Best Transmission Services

The transmission is a vital part of your vehicle, responsible for transferring power from your engine to your vehicle’s drive wheels and helping your engine accommodate a range of speeds. Treat your transmission right, and bring it to professionals who understand it inside and out for the best results.

If you have transmission troubles or are in the market for a new transmission, give us a visit. Whether you’re an automotive shop owner looking for a supply of transmissions and transmission parts or a driver in need of a transmission repair or maintenance service, we’re able to help.

The team at Richmond Transmission & Automotive Service looks forward to the opportunity to meet with you and take care of all your transmission needs.

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